Ultimate Guide to Living in Nevada

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So, you’re curious about living in Nevada? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The expert movers, travelers, and worldwide locals that make up the team at Relocalate.com are here to help. 

We’ve compiled the ultimate guides to answer the most common questions people just like you have about living in the great state of Nevada.

Dive deep into the topics you’re interested in to make sure your new home in Nevada matches what you’re looking for. 

We’ll explore whether Nevada is a good place for YOU to live, and we’ll highlight some of the best cities for you to visit, explore, and ultimately call home. 

Pros and Cons of Living in Nevada

You’ve heard it before, and it’s true: no place is perfect. What matters is how good of a fit it is for you.

Relocalate.com is here to help you decide whether Nevada is the best place for YOU to live. 

Here are some reasons to love living in Nevada:

  • Nevada offers a wide range of job opportunities.
  • Lower taxes than many other states in America and no personal income tax.
  • Free tuition for qualified students at community colleges.
  • Many people who move here are pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and hospitality from locals around town. It’s an easy place to make friends!

And, on the flip side, here are some of the downsides of living in Nevada:

  • An overall higher cost of living than many other states.
  • Cost of housing is high and affordable housing can be hard to find in some areas, especially Reno.
  • The weather doesn’t always cooperate with what you want it to do. Winters are usually cold and dry but summers may offer sun for a few hours before the clouds roll back in again!

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Best Place to Live in Nevada

So, you’ve got your heart set on living in Nevada? Well, the decision making doesn’t end there. You’ve still got to decide where to live in Nevada!

In some other articles, we’ll dive deeper into some of the best places to live in Nevada. 

Our experts have considered a whole bunch of different criteria to select the top locations, including:

  • The best places to live for families, retirees, singles, young adults, outdoor lovers, foodies, and more. 
  • The safest places to live. 
  • The cheapest places to live. 
  • The best schools. 
  • The best job markets. 
  • The best housing markets. 
  • And so much more. 

Just want a quick list? No worries, here are some of the best cities to live in Nevada:

  • Elko
  • Henderson
  • Incline Village
  • Las Vegas
  • Reno

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Checklist for Moving to Nevada

So now you’re preparing for your big move to Nevada. Maybe you’ve even started packing!

As you probably already know, there are a lot of things to take care of when you’re moving. Both in your current state and once you get to Nevada.

Here are some of the major things you’ll want to take care of when you move to Nevada:

  1. Updating your address with USPS. 
  2. Getting your Nevada driver’s license. 
  3. Transferring your vehicle titles and registrations to Nevada
  4. Getting Nevada car insurance.
  5. Signing up for health insurance in Nevada and finding new doctors, dentists, and local hospitals. 
  6. Updating/changing other insurance policies you may need (homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, pet insurance, motorcycle insurance, etc.)
  7. Registering to vote in your district in Nevada.
  8. Updating your address with your banks, credit cards, subscription services, loans, investments, phone plans, and bill pay. 
  9. Enrolling your kids in their new school district. 
  10. Licensing your pets and finding a new vet. 
  11. Setting up your utilities for your new home. 
  12. Preparing to file state taxes for Nevada and your previous home state. 

Visit your Nevada Moving Checklist for a detailed guide on all of the above.  

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While we’re at it, let’s cover some high-level questions and fun facts about Nevada.

Things to Know About Living in Nevada

As you’re preparing for your move or getting settled into your new home in Nevada, here are some things to know about living there. 

Cost of Living in Nevada

One thing to consider when moving to a new state is the relative cost of living

Nevada ranks 36th on the Cost of Living Index with an overall rating of 106.4, meaning it’s a relatively expensive place to live. 

Here is how Nevada scores for the cost of living in each specific category:

  • Groceries: 110.8
  • Housing: 118.5
  • Utilities: 87
  • Transportation: 113.2
  • Health: 101
  • Miscellaneous: 99.3

The average cost of living in this index is scored at 100. The numbers above represent the percentage of the average. A number higher than 100 represents an above average cost of living, while a number lower than 100 represents a lower cost of living. A lower rank indicates a lower cost of living. 

This data comes from the Cost of Living Index prepared by the Council for Economic Research (C2ER), which compiles data from cities across the country to rank and compare the differences in costs of living. 

Sales Tax Rates in Nevada

Sales tax is a way that state and local governments collect tax revenue from its residents and visitors. 

These taxes are applied when you purchase something. It’ll show up on your receipt or bill. If you’ve recently moved to Nevada from somewhere else, the new sales tax rates may surprise you. 

On top of the state sales tax rates, local rates for certain counties and cities may apply and vary as well.

Nevada’s state sales tax rate is higher than the national average at 6.85%, with an average local rate of 1.38% (the highest local sales tax rate is 1.53%). Across the state, the average sales tax rate is about 8.23%. 

Check with the Nevada tax office for the most current tax rates.

Real-Estate Property Tax Rates in Nevada

If you own or plan to own real estate in Nevada, you’ll want to think about the property tax rates when you move there. 

Nevada ranks 9th (from low to high) for its state property tax rate of 0.60%.

There may be additional property taxes on top of the rate stated here depending on your county, city, and school districts

Check with the Nevada tax office for the most current tax rates.

Nevada’s Job Market & Economy

Another thing to think about when moving to Nevada is the job market and economic indicators

Overall, Nevada ranks 33rd for Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the United States. 

The GDP measures the overall monetary value of all goods and services produced within a certain place over a period of time. 

Its top 10 industries (ranked from largest to smallest by economic contribution to the state) are:

  • Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation, and food services
  • Real estate and rental and leasing
  • Professional and business services
  • Retail trade
  • Educational services, health care, and social assistance
  • Finance and insurance
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and warehousing
  • Wholesale trade

The top employer in Nevada is MGM Resorts International.

Notable Destinations and Landmarks in Nevada

Our Nevada moving guide wouldn’t be complete without a brief mention of some of the most iconic destinations in the state

When you get settled in, a road trip may just be in order. 

One of the most iconic landmarks in Nevada is the Las Vegas Strip.

National Parks that you can visit in Nevada include:

  • Death Valley National Park
  • Great Basin National Park

National Monuments that you can find in Nevada include: 

  • Basin and Range National Monument
  • Gold Butte National Monument
  • Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument

These destinations are all great places to visit when you get a chance. 

Facts about Nevada

Nevada is the 36th  state of the United States that lies in the western region. To its north is Idaho and Oregon, to its south is Arizona, to its east is Utah, and to its west is California.

What is the capital of Nevada?

The capital of Nevada is Carson City.

Carson City has a population of 55,274.

What is the population of Nevada?

The population of Nevada based on 2020 US Census data is 3,104,614.

What is the largest city in Nevada?

The largest city in Nevada is Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas has a population of 649,876, and it is located in Clark County.

What is the size of Nevada?

Nevada is 110,571 square miles, making it the 7th largest state in the U.S.

What is the state motto of Nevada?

The state motto of Nevada is: All for our country

What is the state bird of Nevada?

The state bird of Nevada is the Mountain bluebird.

What is the state flower of Nevada?

The state flower of Nevada is the Sagebrush.

What is the state tree of Nevada?

The state tree of Nevada is the Single-leaf Pinyon.

What is the minimum wage in the state of Nevada?

The minimum wage in Nevada is $8.75 to $9.75 per hour.

What is the median income in Nevada?

The median annual household salary in Nevada is $58,646